June 2


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Jerusalem Boxing Club


4606 Martin Luther King Jr Way

4606 Martin Luther King Junior Way, Oakland, CA 94609

Oakland, CA, US, 94609

Get ready to throw some punches and break a sweat at the Jerusalem Boxing Club event!

Jerusalem Boxing Club – Empowering Women through Boxing and Self-Defense

About the Event:
Jerusalem Boxing Club (JBC) is proud to announce our recurring Sunday workshops, designed specifically for empowering female Muslims through high-level boxing and trauma-informed self-defense classes. This initiative, in partnership with the International Institute of Boxing, aims to uplift historically disadvantaged communities by connecting the spirituality of fighting with the rich cultural and spiritual backdrop of Palestine and Islam.

Key Details:

  • When: Every Sunday, 10 AM – 12 PM
  • Where: Jerusalem, Palestine / Oakland, California (check the link in bio for specific location details)
  • Registration: Opens every Friday, capped at 15 students per session. One entry per person.
  • Cost: Free, ensuring accessibility to all who are interested.
  • Donations: 3 tickets each week will be avaliable for donations.

Why Join Us?
JBC is more than just a boxing club. It’s a global community of artists and athletes dedicated to using their skills to make a positive impact. Our workshops are not only about physical fitness but also about healing and empowerment through trauma-informed practices. These sessions are specially designed to acknowledge and respect the psychological and emotional well-being of participants, making them ideal for those who wish to learn self-defense while exploring the spirituality associated with their heritage and identity.

More About JBC:
Founded upon the principles of fighting spirit and resilience, JBC connects deeply with the spirituality of Palestine and Islam. Our programs are crafted to provide safe, inclusive, and empowering spaces for women to grow physically and spiritually.

How to Register:
To join us for these transformative sessions, please register using the link provided in our bio. Due to limited spots, early registration is encouraged.

Looking Forward:
We are excited to welcome you to our community where you can strengthen your body, empower your mind, and connect with a supportive network of like-minded individuals. Let’s embrace the fighting spirit together!

For more details and updates, follow us on Instgram at @JERUSALEMBOXINGCLUB or visit our website.